Share the joy of Eid.

No sacrifice is too small

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General sadaqah

Give a gift of compassion and help to put a smile one someone’s face.

Qurban Group A

$120 will provide a Qurban to vulnerable families in Africa and South Asia

Qurban Group B

$300 will provide a Qurban to vulnerable families in conflict zones


Follow the Sunnah and donate your Aqiqah

Zakat al-mal

Fulfil your religious duty and donate your zakat al-mal to help empower some of the world’s most vulnerable communities.

Sadaqah jariyah

Make your legacy a positive one. Donate your sadaqah jariyah – ongoing charity – and reap the rewards in the Hereafter.

Choosing Islamic Relief:

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Delivering Qurbanis since 1986

Reach in over 40 countries

Supporting local economies

Core Humanitarian Standards certification

Quality meat packs

Qurban country breakdown

Group A:

Niger, Mali, Malawi, Somalia, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Ethiopia, Bangladesh (including Myanmar refugees), Afghanistan, Pakistan, South Sudan

Group B:

Sudan, Yemen, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Palestine (Gaza)

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Right now, a staggering 1 in 9 people worldwide are battling chronic hunger.

However, there is hope: by giving your Qurban with Islamic Relief, you can help feed a family in need.

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